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It's a brand new year! What a wonderful opportunity to give your family a fresh beginning. How does less drama and more love sound?

We've all been given a priceless gift with this New Year: 365 days.

May you be blessed on each of these days with the grace to appreciate the importance of the work you do, every day, just being a parent.... The grace to let your child's smile melt your heart... The grace to notice when you're off course and start again.... The grace to choose love, over and over again, even on those days when no one except your child will notice your choice, when your kids are at each others' throats, when you just want to pull the pillow over your head and go back to sleep... The grace to forgive yourself when your new year's resolution to be a more patient parent seems impossible.

The reason so many people give up on their resolutions is that they don't have enough support. After all, what you're trying to do is hard, or it wouldn't take a resolution. So you need to give yourself extra help, if you want to make real change.

Happily, if you're resolving to be the best parent you can be in 2023, I've got you covered.

  • Use these newsletters as your own complementary coaching library to help you feel better, be more patient and emotionally generous, connect more deeply with your child, and coach your child to be his or her best self.

  • Don't forget that the website has a thousand pages of articles about children of all ages, provided as a public service.

  • Have you taken my self-paced Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Online Course yet? I guarantee that you'll create real change in your family. You still have time to register for the Course that begins in mid-January. This could be the best gift you give your family all year!

I'm honored to accompany you on your parenting journey, and I look forward to supporting you in making 2023 the best year yet for you and your family. May this year be filled with countless moments that take your breath away.

Happy New Year!
Dr. Laura

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